April 22nd, 2000 [by Caspar] :
    More news about the upcoming Legends of Might and Magic:

    Jonric of IGN's RPGVault has conducted an interview with one of the game's two designers, Christian Vanover (Jon "The Man" Van Caneghem is the other, obviously). It's quite an interesting piece, and among other things, Mr. Vanover is quoted for saying:

      Character development will be skill- and level-based. Players will earn experience for killing monsters and completing quests, and each level they gain will grant them a certain number of skill points that they can spend on improving their skills. The main difference from a traditional Might and Magic is that you won't need to seek out teachers to gain expertise or mastery; instead, characters will automatically achieve these levels as their skills improve.

    It is furthermore revealed that the game will be produced by our favorite game producer, Peter "Zoop" Ruy - so it can't go completely wrong! ; )

    Daily Radar has posted a feature on the game, containing lots of screenshots and odd comments like this:

      Here's what we do know: Players will be able to select from six classes -- sorceress, druid, warrior, crusader, cleric and archer -- and boogie through four worlds as they "strive to thwart a madman's scheme to travel back in time to change the course of history." We're picturing a cross between Diablo and The Spy Who Shagged Me, which gives rise to a host of midget/Halfling jokes that we're just not going to touch out of respect to the Little Folk

    Hmm....Well, it seems like 3DO's web-guys are a bit more active with regards to this new game than what we saw with MM8. They've already updated the official Legends website with info on a new player class - the Crusader.

    I don't know about you, but I'm definitely looking forward to teaming up with my friends in the land of Might and Magic... : D
April 19th, 2000 [by Caspar] :
    Arma-, arma-, armageddon! The big news of these last few weeks has been the announcement of the newest addition to the M&M series, the upcoming Legends of Might and Magic.

    Previews of the new game has already begun popping up, as 3DO will be showing it off at this years E3 convention. One of these previews is Desslock's (you know, the main RPG guy at Gamespot), who concludes:

      Stay tuned for more information on Legends it'll be shown off at the E3 conference next month. It definitely looks to revitalize the Might and Magic gaming line, which has been somewhat tarnished by the stale Might and Magic VIII and the seriously flawed Crusaders of Might and Magic (which was not developed by New World Computing). Ideally, 3DO and New World Computing would like there to be four ongoing Might and Magic series: Legends (multiplayer, action-oriented RPG), the core Might and Magic series (traditional RPG), Heroes of Might and Magic (strategy) and Crusaders (pure action games, even more so than the first game in the series).

    Another preview can be found over at the nice GA-RPG (who have a small section with screenshots too, check it out here). Here's a snippet:

      The Legends of Might and Magic game is 3DO's flagship launch using the highly advanced LithTech 2.0 3-D game engine, the first-ever Internet role-playing game set in the Might and Magic universe, and the first Internet game to emphasize cooperative play.

    We have added a new site to the Links section, namely Rydric's M&M Portal, which is currently under construction.

    And, as you might have seen already, there's a new Poll up. This time we ask the mother of all M&M questions: Which Might and Magic game do you like best? Go share your opinion! You can see the result of last week's poll right here.

April 9th, 2000 [by Caspar] :
    Answerbird - the Thunderbird's no-so-distant cousin Whew! It's been a while, hasn't it? Sorry about that, folks, but I've been *very* busy at my RL work - and on top of that, I'm having heaps of problems with my PC since I installed Win98 SE - I have been crashing every 15 minutes or so the last week! Good thing I have Win2K too - but I can't get that to run MM8 : (

    The main news today is that there are some changes to the Answers section. Bones has been busy making a page for Dungeon Tips, and I've uploaded Spark's awesome documents with Quest Tips.

    Some of you have complained about the general "unfinishedness" of the site, and I have to ask you to continue to have patience with us. We all have RLs that need seeing to, and sometimes our jobs and families take up so much time that the site will have to wait a bit. I hope you understand.

    There is, of course, a new Poll up. This week we ask a question we recieved from Frederick the Wizard: Do you like MM8's system of hiring/firing partymembers? Oh, and you can see the result of last week's poll right here.

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