May 13th, 2001 [by Caspar] :
    Boy, oh boy. It's been almost half a year since the last update to this page. Damn you, RL! ; ) Lots of stuff have happened:

    As you're all probably aware, we've recently started a MM9 site, to let you know what's going on with the coming chapter to the Might and Magic story. If you haven't already, go take a look!

    Analysis Section - what are you waiting for? But this doesn't mean that we've stopped expanding this place just yet. Ever since we started this site, we've had an Analysis Section, but so far without any material in it. This has been rectified, and I urge you to go take a look at the wonderful features that are now posted:

    These thought-provoking articles should prove worth your time, no matter if you're a newbie or a long-time MM veteran.

    Once you're done reading (warning, bring out the soda and the chips, and tell your secretary to hold your calls, close whatever e-mail client you may have running...you don't want to be disturbed ; )) , please swing by the Tavern and voice your opinion.

January 1, 2001 [by Bones] :
    Happy New Millennium!  The last thousand years have been very productive and exciting.  I hope the next thousand will be even better.  ;-)

    Real Life has Caspar in it's terrible grasp, so I have volunteered to update this page.  Enough has happened over the last four months that everyone will want to be caught up on the essentials.

    Our Precious Fruit Fly First, TELP is very pleased to announce the addition of two new members, long-time Tavern regulars
    Fruit Fly and Greate Pier.
    Their membership merely formalizes what we've known for a long time -- that they are important members of our community.  Welcome!
    The Redoubtable Greate Pier

    Though work on Might & Magic IX has slowed down as NWC readies Legends of Might & Magic, we have been assured that it will be produced.  By all reports it will use the same LithTech 2.0 3D engine that LOMM will employ.  There's a good interview with the LithTech team along with several impressive screenshoots available at GameSpy.com.  We've also been told that MM9 is the last classic Might & Magic RPG planned.

    Finally, we're continuing to make updates to the site.  The Spells have been added to the Reference pages, and the Items have been updated to include Treasure Level info courtesy of Sil, a regular at the 3DO Community.  We've added more Dungeon Tips to the Answers section.  We've also joined the All-Inclusive Might & Magic Webring.  There are some really big additions to the site coming up, so stay tuned!

August 27th, 2000 [by Caspar] :
    Whew! It's been a month already! Since the last update, I mean. In my defense, let me just say that I've gone from orange to black belt karate champion, taught my cat to turn on the TV and open cans by himself, and we've finally both aquired a driving license. Not. But you get the picture, I'm sure.

    Heroes Chronicles...are you excited? I have a couple of announcements to make. First, I have the pleasure of announcing the newest member of The Erathian Liberation Party! Give it up for....
    The Elf Herself!
    She's been very active in our Tavern lately, and she's just so nice that we had no choice but to enroll her. ; )

    Our Major Domo and Mr. Know-it-all-...-really-he-does, Bones, has been busy as usual, making new original content for the Answers and Reference sections. Go check them out, I assure you you won't be disappointed. : )

    As usual, there's a new poll up. This time the question is about PC games in general - which ones are you looking forward to the most?

    Quick link: Did you notice that 3DO's website has become prettier? I like the MM6 dragon in the graphics at the top : )

July 25th, 2000 [by Caspar] :
    Reference Section - Quests
    Answers Section - Gameplay Tips
    New Poll
    I might have been rather busy lately (vacationing, among other things), but that doesn't mean nothing has happened on the site. Quite the contrary, in fact. : )

    First, there's the new tips on Quests in the Reference section. You can see what information you're given on each quest, and view details on how to solve it and what reward you'll be given for completing it. Huge credit goes to Bones, who collected and organized the material, and to TELP members Spark and TEF who provided much of the information. Thanks a mill. : )

    Secondly, we offer you a set of brand new pages: The Gameplay Tips in the Answers section. These gems of useful information on such diverse themes as Inventory Management and Bounty Hunts come from...well, you, our dear guests. The info was collected by Bones in our Tavern. Thanks to all who offered their wisdom and experience for others to enjoy (the names of all contributors can be found in the Introduction).

    Traditionally, there's a new poll up. This one is about the new Harry Potter novel - are you a fan or don't you care? The results of the last poll can be found here.

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