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That would be me....
03/01/2020, 21:37:22

    Bones writes:

    A monster's Armor Class along with your character's Attack Bonus determines your character's chance to hit it. It is, in effect, the monster's ability to +resist+ physical damage.

    I describe the mechanic at the link below -- a part of my sadly neglected Combat Guide to MMVI from 1999.

    GM Axe gives your character a chance to halve the opponent's AC *on a given attack*. Based on my understanding of the M&M attack system, my best guess is that the "chance to halve" is based on your character's Axe Skill level, is determined at the start of each attack sequence, and that a success on one turn wouldn't carry over to the subsequent turns.

    So what your GM Axe Skill is doing is giving you a chance to temporarily reduce the monster's ability to resist your Axe's physical damage. Lowering the target's AC by half would make it easier to hit, but not by half.

    Related link: Chance To Hit

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