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THAC0 was the system used . . .
03/02/2020, 17:30:34

    Peter2 writes:

    . . . in AD&D v2 when I was first introduced to fantasy roleplay gaming in 1994. I got used to it eventually, but I found it much easier when v3.0 and v3.5 came along with an AC which improved with increasing numbers rather than decreasing ones.

    AD&D v2's greatest strength, in my opinion, was the Monster Manual, which I rated far above the later ones. When I later ran my own campaigns, I repeatedly imported monsters from AD&D v2 into AD&D v3-based games; we all still had our v2 manuals. I shall never know why they got rid of monsters like the Cave Fisher and slashed the wonderful ranges of skeletal undead and Oozes. I even found a logical way of including a roomful of Crawling Claws into one adventure, and there's a perfect place in my next adventure for a Slithering Tracker. In another I had great fun by slipping a Bone Golem into a roomful of assorted skeletons. It took a DC 20 Perception roll to spot it wasn't just another skeleton variant, and it's an awful lot more dangerous. It was also great fun to insert a booby trap into the game a Gas Spore disguised as a Beholder. The Gas Spore blows up as soon as it's damaged. No Gas Spore in v3.0 . . .

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