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I was simply amazed
03/03/2020, 12:22:33

    The Elf writes:

    Steam, of course, has a players' forum for each of its games. I was amazed at the number of Bard's Tale players who wrote wistfully of playing it on their C-64's. (Papa Elf had the C-64; I got to have the D-128. We never did get the coveted Amiga, but went straight to an 8088.) The players also frequently mentioned Might & Magic, most notably MM3. The other main favorite was (were?) the Gold Box "Krynne" series. Personally, I can't get too nostalgic over games in which gold and arrows actually weighed a lot. If you didn't dole out the rewards so that everyone in the party carried some of the loot, then rush to a bank to deposit it, you were stuck in place. MM did it a lot better. Another thing I really miss in Bard's Tale: no potions, nor the ability to heal by any level-1 party members. Of course, the Bard can always sing you to a bit of health, but at level 1, each song cost the price of a mug of ale or beer. Paladins can't heal at all, nor perform any magic.

    The remastered version is a vast improvement: all gold and loot going into a community pool, available to all the party, and a mini-map showing all areas that your party has been into. The graphics are also high-res, but otherwise unchanged. (And the game is much harder than I remembered!)

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