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Now this is really weird
02/02/2020, 12:44:41

    The Elf writes:

    Apparently Ubisoft now owns MMX, but when I tried MM6, it fired right up, with no flak. Now how do you own one side of a virtual disk, but not the other? AFAIK, MM6 for Win10 was only available piggy-backed with MMX. The actual disk for MM6(at least the one bundled with MM Millennium Edition, which contained World of Xeen through MM8)will play in Win10, albeit rather reluctantly: crashes, slow performance, etc. Oops! Having written this, I hope Ubisoft's spies aren't reading it, lest they insist I watch their ads before I can finish 6!)

    Ossie, I'm sorry I wasn't able to help you. And being here in California, I certainly empathize for the horrible fires in your beautiful country. There was a lot in the media about the koalas and kangaroos, but no word about the really strange beasts: the salt-water crocodiles. AFAIK, Australia is the only place in the world that they're found. (We saw them in Cairns.) I hate to see any species go extinct.

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