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To Ossie (and anyone else interested in MMX): First progress report
01/31/2020, 14:30:23

    The Elf writes:

    A bit of difficulty. So far, Ubisoft won't allow me to play. It seems they bought the rights to MMX while I wasn't looking. At first, they wouldn't allow me access to a game I've already played dozens of times, because my E-mail address was changed (I'd changed service providers, and the new service demanded a longer address.) After that was settled, they welcomed me into their flock, as it were, but required one more te-e-eny bit: I could not play unless I removed my ad blocker and allowed heaven-knows-what number and variety of cookies. This I categorically declined to do, and told them so. I scolded Ubisoft roundly for their cavalier behavior, and am eagerly awaiting Round Two. I'll let you know more when I get their response.

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