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Ubisoft is so, so, so terrible
01/31/2020, 16:13:33

    Ossie writes:

    Forcing the buggy Uplay client, requiring online play even though the game doesn't require it, abandoning support after only six months. I said at the time that I won't give Ubisoft another cent of my money ever again as long as they keep the same system, and I haven't, and I won't.

    But screwing up a game I have already legally purchased and worked previously is just next-level terrible.

    I have now encountered a new problem: I cannot enter Sudgard even though I have a Runepriest in my party, and have received the promotion quest. I get the message saying you must have a dwarf in the party.

    Both of these things relate to promotion quests. I suspect the game requires the quest and particular character to move past, and for some reason thinks I don't have them, when I do. So that's the promotion quests for two of my four characters that are broken.

    Like Peter2 said on my previous post, I expect this to be fatal. But I'm still going to bug Ubisoft support and waste their time trying to fix it. My honest opinion, given I already legally purchased the game, is that the only way to play Ubisoft games is to download the cracked no-CD no-Uplay versions from the start

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