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10/14/2019, 12:29:02

    The Elf writes:

    Is Mephistoing like what Finland's Crazy Bear accused me of years ago: "Elf shops for spells like she does for shoes in RL: keep trying them on (via save-reload) until she finds a pair to her liking."?

    At the time I tried Temple of the Snake I was at level 42. I gave up on it until a later time, and flew over to Gharik's Forge. It gave me a lot of grief, but I managed to get across that final bridge--and immediately ran into a game-stopper. The door to the Forge itself wouldn't budge. (And of course, without retrieving the Hourglass, I couldn't finish the game.) I hunted and searched everywhere for a button, pressure plate, or other switching device to open that door, to no avail. I gave up and went back to Free Haven to try to find some spells that were elusive (it's very difficult to find TWO copies of "Cure Insanity," for example.) I accomplished this, and went back to Gharik's to try once more. By then I was level 45. I searched up and down: and there, right beside the $%*&@!! door was a red lever for opening the door! (The lever wasn't as red as my face.)

    So now today I'll go in and "fight Foozle," as Scorpia of the late, lamented "Computer Gaming World" used to say. (For those of you who are "new" to M&M, having not played the first three games, or for those who were puzzled by MM3, yes, the villainess Scorpia was very definitely named for the RPG hint writer of the magazine.)

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