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Medusa, I hate you!
10/12/2019, 12:19:44

    The Elf writes:

    So I had quit playing for a month, unable to conquer those mobs and hordes of werewolves and wolfmen in Blackshire. (I was more interested in their hoards than in their hordes.) But when I gritted my teeth and dug in, I was finally able to defeat them, and get out of there without getting hopelessly lost in the maze that is the Lair of the Wolf. So then I thought, "Gee, that wasn't so bad. Now let's find the woman's husband who is lost in that dungeon near the Baa Temple. . . ."
    Unfortunately, I forgot that it was advisable to sneak past the Gold Dragon, instead of challenging him. (My nether regions are consistently handed back to me on a silver platter.)

    Now a question for you vanilla players: I seem to recall Bones telling me years ago that the Autosave feature kicked in every time you entered a different map or went from outside to inside. Is this a false memory, or is it supposed to work that way? Because it certainly is NOT true in the Steam version.

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