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Excellent!!! We've had this discussion before concerning +24 enchantment.
08/12/2019, 15:56:31

    ragwort writes:

    Looking through lod files extracted from game each monster has an assigned treasure level of none-L6. Testing has shown that each chest/Rock has an assigned treasure level of L1-L6. I donít see anything specific to enchanting spell so level % may be hard coded. My experience enchanting items provided level 2-4 Standard stat bonuses and level A-B (and C?) special enchantment bonuses but probably mostly done in V1.2/Mokís version games. +24 cold resistance is level 6 Standard bonus and ďof the DragonĒ is level D Special enchantment (available from level 5-6 monsters and chests). We know your V1.0 has different boat days to EIW so maybe Iíll do a little testing of my V1.0 version to see if these differences show up.

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