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A lot of work was done in the old days to test if time or place affected the result of the Enchant Item spell.
08/13/2019, 05:09:13

    Peter2 writes:

    No positives were ever found (or if they were, the finder kept very quiet about them), and I do not remember anyone ever mentioning an enchantment giving such a high quality item. I have always used the spell to give the weapons of a medium level party a bit of a boost a low level party won't have weapons or armour good enough to take enchantment, and a high level party has better sources of highly enchanted goodies or to increase the value of loot before I sell it.

    I cannot remember exactly what the time was when I enchanted that trident it was sometime in the late afternoon but the place was that hard-wired into the game as the terminal of the Town Portal spell to New Sorpigal, north of the fountain facing south.

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