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GP, Peter2, Finland's Crazy Bear, Dragon, et al -- you win.
07/16/2019, 14:59:29

    The Elf Herself writes:

    I always held out for Might, not Magic. In any RPG I played, I always wanted to be the big, brawny sword- or axe-swinger, not a weak little mage. All of you kept telling me that while magic-users were tough to start, they would prevail in the end.
    "Bah!" I replied.

    Well, now I believe. I've been playing for nearly a month now, and have changed parties numerous times. (With logs of 5 parties to a page of quadrille graph paper, I'm now on my sixth sheet. . . or is it seven?) Too bad we can't have parties of 6!

    Default PACS party? Only two Light-Dark possibilities, with all pretty weak. The Paladin is less than ideal: not as good as a Knight for fighting ability, and only 8 points of magic with Might and Personality both set at 18! Has an upgrade past vanilla v. 1.0 made the Knight weaker? Might: 20, Endurance: 16, and he needs healing oftener than the poor little Sorcerer!

    Right now I'm playing with what I'm determined to carry through as my final party: PCSS. I experimented with a Druid as the second healer, but decided she was spread too thin. It's hard to excel in four different magic disciplines and three clerical ones! I still stubbornly refuse to "share the wealth" with a hired hand, though.

    (And yes, I note that even an expert in Fire Magic, with a Fireball spell can outdo a master bowman anytime!)

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