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07/18/2019, 13:04:34

    Greate Pier the Worse writes:

    And maybe some jailtime lol

    At the very start I would just do New Sorpigal a few times, making sure to reset the area by means of a visit to Castle Ironfist after having removed the ... uhmmm... excess population from the streets... this would put me in a good position for further areas, experience wise... I think my first runs took me well beyond 14 years game time.
    Later on, I started playing SSDC (not SSSC as Peter mentioned). Mostly because at the start, the extra healing from the Druid is more than just welcome.
    Later in the game, your SS&C will want to focus mostly on Dark (and some Light I suppose) Magic; the Druid is there to be your main healer and Water Master; so it may seem the Druid is thinly spread, but she only is to allow your SS&C to focus more on the mirrored paths.
    If I were to properly plan the party's career, I'd probably have my druid take care of Air Mastery as well, and have her surplus go into Fire, for some added damage.

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