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That explains it!
07/17/2019, 16:29:08

    The Elf Herself writes:

    I found an old log of a party I started heaven knows when. It must have been shortly before I got an upgrade to my computer, since it shows I only got up to level 10. It was ACSS, and I'm sure I had to have gotten the idea from you. I was baffled at why I would try such a non-intuitive party. There are also one or two logs that go up to levels in the 90's, using the default party.
    I don't really know which version I have now, since it's not my original disk. This is the first bundled set of disks, the one that starts with World of Xeen, then goes on to MM's 6 and 7. I put the set of six disks in a 6-disk jewel box, so I have no way of knowing which version it is. Since I used part of the box cover as a label for the box, I can tell you it says "Millennium Edition," but not the version number or the publisher. I'm thinking maybe Ubisoft, but I don't know.
    That's all moot anyway, since I gave up on the disk version of 6. It crashes about every twenty minutes. I'm playing on Steam, and heaven knows what version they use! (It came bundled with good ol' MM10, which nobody seemed to like but me. I liked it because it was fun, if a little too easy. But it isn't a game that lends itself to endless repeats. I replayed once, just so I could try all the different characters.) I'll try the old right-click for "Properties" trick.

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  • P. S. - The Elf Herself ( Wed 17-Jul-19 16:31:25 )