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What a coincidence!
06/21/2019, 22:54:28

    The Elf Herself writes:

    It just so happens that Papa Elf (my husband Gene) has a computer in a back room with Red Hat Linux already on it. He fooled around with it for awhile some years back, but since it was more or less incompatible with all the MS-DOS and various Windows computers we had, he never did much with it. I don't really remember the machine itself, but I think Gene had it in two partitions: one Windows 2000 ME, the other Linux.

    The other coincidence is engineering. I never made it to licensed Professional Engineer, but my title before I retired was Associate Distribution Engineer (Electric) for a large gas and electric company here. Really, it was trig than calculus or physics, since 3-phase power is all about sine curves. We did have to use a lot of imaginary numbers for reactive power, though. We always used "J" for the imaginary, since "I" meant something quite different in electrical engineering! We of course had to know about vectors and catenaries, since most of the wires were strung on poles, which seldom followed exact straight lines!
    Electric Elf

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