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I guess that that could solve your problem, can't it?
06/22/2019, 07:41:53

    Ramillies writes:

    I remember playing MM6 on Win 2000 as a child, and the MM7 and MM8 are essentially the same engine, only with different content, so these should give no trouble. Not sure about MM9, though, since I don't have it and I never played it.

    But: engineering is way too practical for me. I could never be an engineer. When I said "physics", I meant the more mysterious parts of it, like general relativity or quantum mechanics. Even in my real life, I tend to be the "absent-minded professor" type of guy (though I'm just an undergrad, definitely not a professor) who is bad at anything practical. Especially the "big electricity" like that seriously needs to stay out of my hands .

    (And... using "j" for the imaginary unit is the uttermost blasphemy! Always use "i" . Especially in quantum mechanics, you denote the flux of probability density with "j", and "i", the imaginary unit, is all over the place in there.)

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