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Aaahh... Well, maybe I'm a tech expert to a certain extent...
06/21/2019, 19:52:17

    Ramillies writes:

    but my expertise is pretty much limited to GNU/Linux. It's 7-8 years since I last had any serious things to do with Windows and although I knew a bit about it back then, I don't anymore. It got phased out of the memory by some useful stuff, like tons of math and physics or weird dead languages, I guess.

    So, sadly, I'm pretty much no use when it comes to Windows. There's only one thing that comes to my mind: use some virtualization to run Win XP or even older and play the MM games inside the virtual machine. The performance is generally abhorrent, but the MM games are very light on the today's computers and they should run on a vanilla system I guess so this could be a feasible way. I could walk you through this, but first, I would have to check if it actually is as easy as I think.

    Another thing that I can offer is a GNU/Linux distribution (i. e. a system + certain programs) that I threw together a couple of months ago and that is meant to solve exactly this. The usage is simple but a bit clumsy: you need a USB stick, you load the system onto it, then reboot the machine and boot the system from the USB stick. That way, you get into the Linux system (which is maybe foreign to you but it should still be simple to navigate), and there you have Wine, a program that makes it possible to run Windows programs on various Unixes. Especially with those old games, Wine runs them 10 better than any native Windows could . The problem with this approach is a bit involved installation and the need to reboot to and fro.

    Also, nobody really had any opportunity to use this system yet, so the only one who tested it is me. I just got one e-mail from a person who told me that it sadly looks quite like a hacker's weekend project (which it is!), and gave me a couple of things to improve (which I didn't do yet). So it could be a bit hard to navigate, but I will of course help you with it, should you need it.

    If you would like to try this distribution out, follow the link below and try to read the manual .

    (And finally: I know that all Czechs should love beer, but I just can't. In fact, I hate it. So I'm definitely in luck that your beverages will taste like whatever I choose! Thanks! )

    Related link:

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