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Map corner crossings
01/29/2019, 08:33:27

    RubiconIII writes:

    Is it cheating/exploiting to make use of map corner crossings?, that is when you want to travel far in a short time without hiring an expensive Gate Master or being able to use Town Portal at master level.

    I just wanted your opinions on this matter, as I came to wonder, if it was fully intended from the developers' point. Usually you have to try a lot of times before you hit the right spot afoot. It is however easy, when you have Fly in your spell book - just fly along the edges till you reach the corner and land, when the compass is either straight NW, SW, NE or SE depending on your wanted crossing. Needless to say you want to have a good NPC combo along like a Pathfinder and a Guide to minimize travel time to one day only.

    And to those few ppl. who don't know what I'm writing about, it concerns these diagonal map crossings:
    Castle Ironfist <-> Free Haven
    Bootleg Bay <-> Mire of the Damned
    Free Haven <-> Dragonsands
    Free Haven <-> Kriegspire
    Mire of the Damned <-> Blackshire
    Frozen Highlands <-> Blackshire
    Blackshire <-> Hermit's Isle
    Blackshire <-> Sweet Water
    Dragonsands <-> Paradise Valley
    Kriegspire <-> Paradise Valley

    Also worth mentioning is the fact, that watery map corners prevent these travel routes:
    New Sorpigal >< Bootleg Bay
    Castle Ironfist >< Misty Islands
    Bootleg Bay >< Eel Infested Waters
    Misty Islands >< Silver Cove
    Bootleg Bay >< Frozen Highlands
    Free Haven >< Silver Cove

    Personally I really like Castle Ironfist to Free Haven and vice versa especially in early game. I once in a game noticed, that I had entered the Castle Ironfist area from two different angles leaving a shroud inbetween the two cleared entry points - just thought it looked funny.

    To my memory similar crossings can be done in MM8 as well. MM7 has much more intertwined travel net - can't really remember if any corner crossings can be made - maybe someone can remember that. As for MM9 I have no idea or recollection - and even less for MMX. Never played MM1-5...

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