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I absolutely love that......
02/01/2019, 16:55:54

    Ossie writes:

    .....I've been playing this game for over 20 years, including yet another full run-through only a few months ago, and it had never even crossed my mind that this was a possibility, let alone to try it. The options this would give in terms of play order etc open up a bunch of interesting new possibilities.

    But in terms of your question, the game obviously doesn't know "common sense" - ie just because all crossings along the north border lead to A, and all along the west border lead to B, then the exact corner point should lead to the area between A and B. That would have to be specifically coded, or the game would just pick whatever border it felt you were closer to. So yes, seems to be something the developers intended.

    And now I'm excited to go try it myself yet again!

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