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Mostly the same with me...
02/06/2019, 08:53:36

    Ramillies writes:

    I absolutely hate the shortcut to Dragonsand, so I feel exactly the same way. I don't try to beat the game too effectively and I just play... when I play.

    In a battle, I reload only when I'm completely wiped out. I don't mix Black Potions, because I don't know how to do it and I can't be bothered to find out. (I generally don't search for recipes, locations of things etc. in books or on the Internet. I don't play MM6 that often, so I just write things I find on a piece of paper.)

    I don't do any multi-loading at all. The beginning is the most interesting stage of the game, I guess, because it's different every time . The endgame is always the same. I do keep the results of my Enchant Item, because I know that the enchantment will be crappy anyway, and so I mostly enchant any regular trash loot just before selling to make a bit more money out of it . (Actually, the loading is so boring that it just doesn't pay off for me.)

    In combat, I do fly around in real-time, but I don't fly up and down in turn-based mode.

    And I've never heard anybody complaining about MM6 being easy. However, I remember that in one of the old Czech magazines about PC games, there was some whining about how the game is unbeatable even with cheats.

    In short, I just play the game to have some fun, wandering around the country, doing quests and so on. I don't try to "max out" too much. In fact, in my first game, I missed a good bit of the game (obelisks, Dark/Light magic, also I found a lot less artifacts and relics, I didn't do anything at Circus etc.) So I at least had something more to do in the second game .

    (Interestingly, I haven't paid for the game a single time. I was given the CDs as a present a long time ago, and I guess I would be hard pressed to find them now... fortunately the game propagated from one computer of mine to the next and so I still have it on the hard drive )

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