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I stick to the vanilla MM6 because . . .
04/07/2018, 10:05:48

    Peter2 writes:

    . . . I enjoy being able from time to time to use the "features" of the v1.0 game. For example, to arm a sorcerer with a sword, or to enable a druid to learn Dark magic *evil grin*. Both are possible without using an editor if you know how to go about it. You just have to be careful to avoid the bugs. For example, the first thing I do when I enter Gharik's Lab (after clearing the hostile spellcasters and elementals out of it, of course) is to set a Lloyd's Beacon in it. The patches cleared those up as well.

    I did play the patched game once, but I found that on my setup, the "Always Run" ability did not enable the party to move as fast as holding down the Shift key in the v1.0 game.

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