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Obviously, if you're willing to spend the time......
04/10/2018, 07:22:47

    Ossie writes:

    ......that would be fantastic! Win10 finally seems to be the step too far in backwards compatability for early Windows games, especially those with CD copy protection. I didn't want it, I'm sorry I have it, but my old PC had an issue that just couldn't be identified, and it seemed silly to reload an old OS onto a completely new machine.

    I'm sorry I didn't do precisely that. Nothing made before Win7 works on Win10 (excluding "enhanced editions" & the like remade specifically for Win7+). Or on my version at least, which is pretty much out of the box with standard settings. I read some who have success with compatability settings, but not me. Seems to be luck of the draw with compatability of specific GPUs etc

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