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Have you confirmed this to be successful with Win10?
04/09/2018, 05:35:43

    Ossie writes:

    The copy protection is a massive issue if the original game files you are copying came from a CD. In Win7, there was an update that broke older games with copy protection, but at least you could uninstall the update. However in Win10, this is baked into the OS.

    Some people have reported success with various permutations of compatability/no-CD exes/other settings, but for others (like me), Win10 flat-out refuses to play games with copy protection. I was forced to re-purchase the GOG version of Wizardry 8, for instance, because my CD version sinply refused to work on Win10. Not simply copying the files, not a fresh installation on a fresh machine, nothing. And even this didn't work first time, I also had to download a specific "fix the GOG version of Wizardry 8 for Windows 10" programme. I have no idea what this did, but it eventually worked.

    I haven't yet tried the MM games on Win 10 (or at least, those with copy protection MM6-9 - I assume the earlier DOS-based versions will work within DOSBox). But I'm expecting similar problems.

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