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Yes. +tips
05/17/2016, 02:56:17

    Sudo writes:

    That's probably enough to store every game NWC ever made.
    Though if you already have the games on the computer you want to play on, you don't have to store the games on the usb drive.

    Oh, and I said 'try Ubuntu or Puppu Linux', but coming from Windows, I would recommend Xubuntu, which is based on Ubuntu, but with Xfce, which is a desktop environment that's lightweigt and easy to use.

    Get it here:

    Then get the Linux usb installer for Windows, which is easy to use.
    Get it here:

    So you just get the Xubuntu ISO, install Universal USB Installer, and just install the iso to your usb drive.

    So, if you choose Puppy instead, to run the OS from only your usb drive (as it allows you to save the changes you make to your install), the procedure is the same.

    The problem in this case with Puppy, is that its default file-manager doesnt recognize exe files, and runs them with Wine once installed. I think this is the case, so use the package manager to get SpaceFM or Thunar or any other file manager you can find.
    Oh, and Puppy will probably be lackingnyour graphics drivers. But they are easy to install.

    So get either installed on a usb drive, and tell me how it goes.

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