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I hear you
05/17/2016, 11:54:31

    Sudo writes:

    But if you install a Linux distribution on a usb drive from Windows, there is no risk. Unless you are doing something you shouldn't from inside of Linux. But if you are just mounting your Windows partitions and installing Wine to play old games, you will be fine.
    In fact, you will be isolating your Windows install from potential viruses, as you will run everything from withing a very Limited Windows system (Wine), which has no access to your Windows installation. I've tried to run programs to read other Windows programs memory, and it doesn't seem to work. So I doibt many viruses could replicate in Wine. And of course, if your Windows system is air-tight to begin with, Linux poses no threat.

    Though there was a time when you had to set the refresh rate and resolution for your monitor, or the old crt monitors could overheat, or otherwise go bad. In the early days of Linux, which I've only heard about.

    At least it's not as complicated as that anymore ^^

    So it's as easy as having a 4gb minimum usb drive, and using the Live USB Installer I linked to, to install Xubuntu, Ubuntu, or perhaps Puppy Linux, which is just around 100-200mb's small, so you could install it on an even smaller drive.

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