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Nice to see that someone else does it.
10/02/2004, 02:38:37

    arturchix writes:

    My current status of the game:

    [1] Got master 7 of bodybuilding (from horseshoes) - planning to master also sword skill to use two swords.
    [2] Completed Cavalier promotion
    [3] Completed two Council quests - end winter and find Kilburn's shield.
    [4] Completed Goblinwatch quest
    [5] Visited Shrine of the Gods and used NPCs (Gate Master, Wind Master, Cartographer). Planning to mix potions ASAP.

    Killer now has about 200 HP, a ring of HP regeneration and is wearing the best armor except plate and using a +13 spear.

    I believe I won't experience serious problems till Oracle quests...

    Btw, that "no-damage from water" doesn't work for me - killer receives damage as always and then dies.

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