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*LOL* Gotta admit...
10/01/2004, 17:12:53

    Fander Treespook writes:

    ...I`ve also started the MM6 solo peasant knight game with 'Killer'...

    Klar, next time, I`ll be choosing voices!

    I will, however, not finish at level 0, but the rules I use are:

    - No mixing of black potions until after the second druid promo.
    - No exploiting of the solo character waterwalk bug. (Reported by Vilx a while ago).
    - No use of the Sorpigal - Dragonsand teleporter (at least until I`ve walked to Dragonsand, anyways).
    - No use of NPCs whatsoever.
    - No entering NWC at all.
    - Not even learning the Learning skill.

    Btw, I am currently in Bootleg Bay (arrived at East island from Mist). When I arrived, I did a testrun to see that my waterwalk scroll would last through all the small islands and the +2 INT and +2 PER wells worked just fine. After clearing the Temple of Tsantsa, the wells did NOT work... I know I`ve had problems with these wells before, but I ever knew what caused the problem. Anybody had the same experience or have a better explanation? (I have the 1.0 version).

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