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Solo peasant level 0 knight
10/01/2004, 08:26:59

    arturchix writes:

    I would like to try this one - finish the game on level 1 with a single knight. Are there any special rules I should follow? Can I:

    [1] Hire NPC's
    [2] Use teleporter to Dragonsands before visiting that area
    [3] Mix potions before Archdruid promo
    [4] Use the +256 stats booster and all wells

    I think I could hanndle without NPCs, potion mixing and the teleporter but the +256 stat looks vital. Probably will use it.

    Btw, I refuse to clear all areas.

    The only level 1 peasant solo experience I have from MM8 where I did it with necromancer, minotaur and troll.

    Klar, can I use your "" file which was originally meant for only peasant solo game?

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