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Finally got MM9 running!!
07/27/2015, 08:52:40

    ray777 writes:

    So after finding the sweet spot on various options I got the game to load and be playable on my new(er) win 7 computer. I have to alt-tab to fix the loading screen not removing itself but I can live with that i guess.

    i was just wondering, since I know this is basically an unfinished game in many ways, whether or not its worth a playthrough. Like if i get half way or even *almost* to the end and i cant finish it i'd be pretty upset about sinking my dwindling free time into it.

    Its the original retail CD (not the GoG release) and I patched it to 1.03a.

    Any info would be great. Im gonna run around in game anyway for a while, this being the only MM game I never played (it never worked for me after i got it on its release day, but i kept it in hope :p )

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