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I have a couple bugs I'm trying to sort out with MM9. HELP!
04/26/2015, 16:22:05

    Laura writes:

    Okay. So I have windows 8, and I downloaded the GOG version of MM9.

    I installed the cshell file, which made it so the screen doesn't go black during the night. It also sped up the loading screens to perfection!

    I installed and ran the border fix, but it's not working! Also, the water still goes black when I enter it. So I can't see anything underwater, which is important for the end game.

    If anyone could supply step by step on how to either do +windowed 1 to the properties of the game (as it isn't working for me either) or how to use the border fix (other than just clicking the install file) or if there is a different border fix. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

    I found a way to make it work years ago, and now I can't figure it out.

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