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Verhoffin Ruins door remains locked w/ Capstone
04/07/2015, 09:33:54

    Figment writes:

    I have the Capstone of Order, and was told to head to Verhoffin to place it. When I get there, the door is still locked. If I stand on the pentagram all of the fires light up, but the door remains locked. I have the original game, but was running the GOG version since it was all patched up.

    None of the walkthroughs say anything but "open the door, walk up the stairs and place the capstone". I tried deleting minisaves and that didn't work. I copied my saves, uninstalled the game, and installed the game from the original CDs without patching. The door remained locked.

    Am I missing something? I can't find anything on-line about this issue.

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