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MM9 enchanting items and stuff
10/04/2013, 12:56:49

    Wololo writes:

    Hello, I'm currently replaying this game and got some questions.
    Anyone knows if it's possible to get Master's or Grandmaster's enchant type on armor by casting the spell?

    So far I managed only to get +5AC/+10AC bonuses but want to craft some GMs Imperial Harness for my paladin.

    The other thing is - most of the items seem to have *preset* possible enchant results for weapon, tested it, using QSave/QLoad, on Thjoradric Arbalest and 99% of the times I did get Dragon Slaying/Permanence/Vital Force/Brutes enchantment. However it was still possible to get other result, they were just extremely rare.

    Other weapons are affected too - Storm Axe likes to get Polka/Grandmaster bonus and Throwing Axe - some minor magic or weapon recovery boosts.

    Also do Dark Plate give any temporary/permanent penalty? Looted one and according to it's description I wouldn't want to test it out myself just to find out that my hero lost most, if not all, of his combat abilities in some distant future.

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