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MM8 won't launch
09/11/2019, 13:56:40

    The Elf writes:

    Funny thing: I've successfully installed disk versions of MM6 and MM7. (They both play, but not really well. Neither are patched by me.) MM8 installed, but just goes into some sort of endless loop when I try to play it. Yes, I do have "Professional" Win 10.

    Incidentally, I play MM6 in Steam, because it's just more efficient that way. It seems to be heavily patched, since the "always run" is on by default, and a few other quirks point to a patch similar to, is it Greyface? I can never remember the exact name. MM7 is a royal pain, since playing with Always Walk makes moving extremely slow, and running causes weakness which can ONLY be cured with potions, never with spells.

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