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A heavy weight for Fredrick Talimere
02/18/2019, 05:40:03

    Liliths Slave writes:

    Dark elf Sharadil thought it would be funny to make Talimere carry Korbu's sarcophagus around with him a little. If only backpacks were like inventories hiking would be so easy! To make matters worse, the seer gave it back to us when we went to see him on the way to the obelisk, along with the axe of Balthazar, Ebonest and a couple of other quest items.

    Sharadil chose to ally with the necromancers which was so much easier for me. I didn't even have to kill anybody in the temple of the sun, just a telekinesis spell and a town portal. Still the visual result was somewhat disturbing. I think elves have a little darkness in them and this as well as her frienship with Elspeth and Devlin won Sharadil over.

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