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MM10 (MMX would be 2010: *insert appropriate humorous emoji here*)
02/06/2016, 18:22:31

    The Elf Herself writes:

    I've completed MM10, which required a good deal of patience. I found that the longer I played, the more frequent the crashes. I don't know why. (BTW, that's "longer" in both senses of the gaming word: the longer I played in one session and the longer I'd played overall.) Since I only paid slightly less that $10 USD, I thought it was worth it.

    There was some humor in it, but not as much as JVC used to put in the games. (If you've ever played MM's 1 to 5, you know what I mean.)

    I found the game to be a lot more difficult than the JVC's. (That's Jon Van Canegham, if you're a relative noob to MM.) The clues were not so numerous or obvious as the the older games. The battles were tougher and bloodier, except for the end boss battle, which was a little anticlimactic, once you figured out the techniques required.

    I usually hang out (mostly lurking, I'm ashamed to say) in the 6 and 7 Taverns. I can't play the games anymore, because Papa Elf got me a new 64-bit processor, which refuses to recognize a lot of the 32-bit disks. Ol' Stormy, my computer, is very temperamental.

    If you need any help with MM10, I'll be glad to give you any help I can. I've played every race and every profession.

    Good luck!


    P. S. Rotsa ruck (as we used to say in the late 1950's) with getting a refund on Steam. You can't have played more than I believe 30 minutes, and you have to ask for a refund within two weeks of purchase. The latest issue of "PC Gamer" has a horror story or two about Steam's refund policy.

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