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Back after a while
12/20/2015, 04:59:41

    Jack writes:

    Hi guys!

    Its been a while again. But guess what - I just got an email from and saw MM8 for 5 Euro and just got it. My old cds are long gone. Watched some mm8 youtube gameplay vids too and it all came back to me

    I can see some of the old timers are still here! Incredible! but there is something very special about this game which makes me come back after a few years.

    I will be running a solo char as in the past - a necro or a knight maybe.

    Now some questions:

    I just downloaded mok patch - do I need it?

    what about the dark elf - there were some issues with GM bows skill - it didnt get any bonus from bow and gloves iirc. Is there a fix for it? I would love to run a solo bow DE but under these circumstances I dont think itsa good idead?

    any other nice mods for the game?

    cheers guys!!!

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