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Amazing Correllation between the 2 games!
05/29/2015, 23:15:53

    Eileen writes:

    I just got here, by happenchance, and you compared these older mm games (all which I have played many times and am trying to play again now) to skyrim (which I am trying to play now also). I have the mm games 6 7 and 8 with gog on windows 7, and with some trainers i have found. I had the original games years ago when they first came out. And they were so awesome! I need cheats to just be able to play these games.... all of them including skyrim. I like that there is some linearities but also not so much. I can make them, including skyrim as linear as I want, and as non-linear as possible too. For me, there is some major quests to do in all these games, but many optional things to do as well.
    Thanks so much for your posting! I

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