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Potions, scrolls and wands mechanics
06/01/2014, 12:06:11

    Riv the Minotaur Lord writes:

    Hello guys and gals, just finished playing MM8. It's always nice to revisit Jadame! This time around I wanted to play with alchemy and magic items to strengthen my party but quickly found out I have no idea how they really work. Some items, like potions, list some effects (e.g. duration, but not the bonus conferred), and some items don't show any meaningful information at all (wands only show charges but not damage, and scrolls show nothing at all). I couldn't find any information on this online so I wonder if anyone knows the numbers behind the items!

    I ran some brief tests on potions, and found that both Bless and Heroism potions confer a bonus of +5, with only duration affected by alchemy skill and ingredient strength. I guess the rest of the layered potions have a similar fixed effect. What a let down! Some potions (of resistance, divine healing and mana) benefit from ingredient strength and alchemy skill, but asides from them alchemy seems to be pretty useless for buffing purposes.
    I also briefly looked at scrolls. Day of Protection confers a +20 resistance bonus, whether cast by a Knight or a GM Light Cleric. I didn't test other scrolls but I guess the rest of them work the same way: fixed but unlisted damage/bonus. Same with wands in all likelihood.

    I want to replay MM7 next time and go with a might team and an alchemy-based healer/buffer, but I guess there goes my plan. I still might try! So if anyone knows how these items work, or you made a successful alchemist, please let me know!

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