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You know you're a veteran of The Erathian Liberation Party wars when:
12/28/2012, 22:59:27

    The Elf Herself writes:

    1. You have one or more scratch pads with the New World Computing logo.
    2. You even remember New World Computing.
    3. You've played Might & Magic prior to MM6. (Extra points if you've played every one of them.)
    4. You played the predecessor to Heroes of Might & Magic. (For newbies, it was the original King's Bounty, the one that came on one 5 1/4" floppy, NOT a couple of CD's.)
    5. You have a few hand-drawn maps of MM and MM2, since there were A)no hint books or Internet in those days, and B)otherwise you'd have to keep all those locations in your mind, since there weren't any automaps, either.
    6. You used a joystick or keyboard commands to play.
    7. You were horrified when RPG's began limiting you to fewer than EIGHT(!) party members.

    Peter2, Fruit Fly, Chlala, FCB, Dragon, DaveO, and of course you, Bones, can you think of other indications?

    P. S. How many of you remember the old "Computer Gaming World" magazine? Remember the character in MM3 named for their resident game hintmeister? I speak of course, of the immortal Scorpia.

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