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Technical problems when trying to replay MM8
05/29/2011, 10:10:35

    Robert writes:

    I encountered a problem when trying to replay MM8, for some reason whatever the intro video freezes the game.
    It was similar with MM7, there I saved the game after intro and cutscenes on an old computer and copied the saves to my current one. The old computer doesn't work properly too - only software mode and windowed, but at least the videos work there.

    Well, I tried the same with MM8, but here it's impossible to skip the intro hitting the Esc key even with the saves of the other computer present. Seems the game seriously insists on playing the intro at least once. Is there a way to get rid of it nevertheless?

    No idea about the reason - maybe it's the grafics card (NVIDEA GeForce 62000), processor is AMD Athlon XP 2700, operating system is Win XP.

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