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What classes from MM7 did you miss the most going into MM8?
05/24/2011, 10:09:13

    UndeadHalfOrc writes:

    When first playing MM8, assuming you played MM7 before, what class did you miss the most?
    Here are the options along with explanations of what happened with their skils:

    1) Thief:
    Their GM dagger carried over to the Vampire.
    Stealing was gone in MM8 (not a bad thing, since it was useless)
    GM Leather went to the troll.

    2) Monk:
    Their Unarmed & Dodging skills went completely missing in MM8. Not an entirely bad thing, since I think it was poorly implemented in MM7 due to the over-reliance on skill boosting items.

    3) Paladin:
    Their abilities got split into 3 classes, Troll, Vampire, Minotaur.
    The paralyze from GM Mace went to the Troll, their Plate armored fighter + backup healer role went to the Minotaur, although Vampire got the better deal out of the clerical magic with Master level.

    4)Ranger, 5) Druid:
    Completely gone. Nobody in MM8 can cast both cleric and sorcerer spells, a first since MM5.
    GM axe carried over to Minotaur, although I have yet to ever see what "halves armor class" is supposed to do in battle.

    6) Dark Priest (Cleric able to cast Dark magic)
    7) Archmage (Sorcerer able to cast Light magic):
    No explanation required for those two

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