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The Secret Games
04/28/2011, 16:49:47

    Jerhn writes:

    MMVI-VIII were special, all this time later people are still squeezing enjoyment from them. So I'll leave behind something extra special for y'all.

    Inside VI and VIII (and probably VII) are secret games. Scores go through the roof (13,800,000 at VI, 375,000 at VIII). Those scores could probably be beat if the solo rules were relaxed and extra Armageddon helpers could be dropped (there's two spoilers already - solo any points like kills that would be distributed among the live party, and make your guy a sorcerer).

    VII is there, but I couldn't unlock it - that wait time for the war to start can be triggered early. I only tripped over the short-circuit a few times. Caution - if you think you found it, save it; because reloading and stepping to it again doesn't work.

    The key to high scores is fast times and large kills. Use step-mode for killing without chewing up the calender. Look for best spells and advantage spots for crushing bad guys. Look for short-cuts (like speed-potion hop-skip off Dagger Island to get to the boat).

    In MMVI, start the game in New Sorpigal as usual, grab the Fly scroll from the side of the Bank, and fly up to the secret entrance to the NWC. After that booster bonanza, follow the horseshoes and travel routes. Do all the training in one session for one 8-day penalty. Kill everything now that the Learning Bonus is up to Level 60. Here's a starter spoiler - if you time it right, you can fly to the horseshoes in the volcano in New Sorpigal before you Town Portal to ...

    In MMVIII, don't train at all. The key is the magic trade tree Murmurwoods - trade diamonds for horseshoes. The fun is finding all the places where diamonds are a prize. The other key is the magic white potion tree on the upper east plateau in Alvar. Spoiler - the secret skill to all these treasure trees is Repair Item.

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