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Why do people say Archers are good?
06/25/2018, 23:20:38

    Istrebitel writes:

    I've played these games countless of times, and as for MM7, I always preferred SSSS for dark and KKKC for light side. I've read recently that people say AAAA is a cool party or that Archer is great with a bow is great because he can get pretty low attack rates with it when you get to light side buffs and attack faster since his attack speed is not capped.

    I tried playing it and I'm not seeing the point. Now I've actually thought it makes even less sense.

    100 is the default recovery for bows and you can get -25 from haste, -13 from boosting your speed to 150, and then your skill gives you direct bonus. GM 10 will have about 52 and GM 20 will have about 42 recovery. It will take another 255 skill points to get to 32 recovery or 318 to get to 30 recovery.

    A knight has a default recovery of 90 (assuming swords) and you get 2x recovery for armsmaster point and 1x for sword point. GM 10 armsmaster is already going to have 32 recovery even w/o a point in sword skill!

    Does it all hinge on getting a bow of darkness / swiftness on every archer? How do you do it then without save/loading at a mob or shop? Is it actually possible to expect to get it normally in a game? I don't think I'm seeing "Darkness" or "Swiftness" very frequently, if anything they're really INfrequent.

    And even if you eventually get a bow firing faster than 30, does it make any difference when every monster in the game can be attacked in melee, in which case knights just own with way higher damage dealt and tanked?

    Btw, while on topic of archers, if using solo / duo / 4x archers, meaning no priest or sorcerer in party, why do people go for light side? Doesn't dark side with Reanimation and Vampiric enchant work better on solo archer? Or is Dispel Magic that crucial?

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