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Ah, Ramillies--you must be fairly young
08/11/2021, 13:01:28

    The Elf writes:

    Those of us past a certain age have noticeably slowed reflexes, and all the Forgotten Realms games are real-time. Having been born with slower-than-average reflexes, mine are probably much slower yet nowadays. Some games, mercifully, can be toggled between real-time and turn-based. Not so 99% of all RPG's today. (And some retro turn-based games are still impossible for us slowpokes. I literally cannot get past a certain point in (I forget the exact name--Grimmwald? Grimmway?--something like that,) because it is impossible for me to A) pull down a lever, then B) run to the opposite end of the room before a certain door or hatch or whatever it was closes. This is one reason I've always loved MMs: turn-based all the way.

    Of course, it wasn't always like this. I remember the first real-time RPG, but as usual, can't remember the name. I believe it was by SSI, but was certainly not a Krynne series game. One of the NPCs in it was a women who looked decidedly Asian, wearing (as Asians were wont to do back then,) a white face mask. I think of her every time I see covid-masked people!

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