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Well, that I am. However...
08/15/2021, 06:04:44

    Ramillies writes:

    in the Forgotten Realms, you have one all-powerful button, which is the spacebar that pauses the game. During the pause, you can assess the situation, give orders to your characters etc. You can also set the game to auto-pause itself on certain occasions. And even us the young people with some reflexes (not that I have fast reflexes by any measure) use the pause all the time, and some (most?) of the battles would actually be pretty insurmountable if you refrained from pausing.

    Plus, the game has a notion of rounds that are converted to the real time somewhat but mostly it actually remains very "turn-based-like" (for instance, your attacks and spells have "Speed Factors" which determine in which tenth of the round you get to do the thing). So if you set auto-pause at the start of each round, you have pretty much a turn-based game, because you give orders for that round and then they just play out.

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