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There are two. One is a ring, and the other is an artifact.
02/18/2021, 17:50:37

    Peter2 writes:

    A Ring of Water Magic increases the effect of all Water spells by 50%, rounded down. So if a spell normally does 8 points of Water damage, it will do 12 points of Water damage if the caster is wearing a Ring of Water Magic. Wearing 2 Rings of Water Magic has no additional effect.

    The artifact amulet Morgan increases the effect of all Elementla Magic spells (including Water) by 50%, and this stacks with the effect of a Ring of Water Magic, so that a water spell cast by a wearer of both Morgan and a Ring of Water magic has its effect increased by 125%.

    Therefore, a Lloyds Beacon spell cast by a master of Water Magic with 12 points of skill in Water Magic will last for 84 days (skill x weeks). If he's wearing either Morgan or a Ring of Water magic, the spell will last 126 days (skill x weeks x 1.5). However, if he's wearing both Morgan and a Ring Of Water magic, the spell will last for 189 days (skill x weeks x 1.5 x 1.5).

    The only other way of getting the spell to last longer is to increase the caster's skill in Water magic by putting more skill points into it.

    Hope this helps!

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