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Some additions...
10/07/2016, 11:23:17

    Roman writes:

    If anybody can do programming, please help me with it.

    - To get a "BOOK KEY" (quest item) into inventory.

    Small details:
    - There are 4 characters in the game, and they have their own inventories.
    - Some days ago, I took that key before taking the necessary quest, so when I come to the place where the key is, I see it, but can't take the key.
    This probably means that when I took the key for the 1st time, it was recorded with (let it be) 0001, that's why I need to find that string and change it into 0000, and add this string to any of the characters' inventories.
    But I may be wrong in my guesses of how to do it, so please read the introductory 3 pages to MM9-hack.pdf , it will give a better clue.

    - Download any Hex editor
    - Read 3 introductory pages of MM9-hack.pdf
    - Read Page 8
    - What I need to get in my inventory is at Page 17, it is: "F4-00, Book Key, Quest Item"

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