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I'll try it, but........
05/02/2015, 20:32:21

    Ossie writes:

    the link is to an emulation of a game box version (SNES?), not a PC version. So there aren't keyboard controls as such, the various buttons on a game controller are mapped to the keyboard. So each of those commands have to be manually selected by the icon, rather than a quick key. In addition to taking at least three times as long to do anything in the first place (whatever key gets you onto icon panel, direction keys to select icon, whatever key triggers the icon), for the life of me I can't work out how to even get onto the icon panel. I can walk around with the direction keys, but I can't interact with anything.

    If I had more patience I'd sit down and work it all out - if I ever do, it will only be on the strength of your continued recommendation that it's worth it!

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