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Oh dear. I am sorry about that.
05/02/2015, 08:30:10

    Peter2 writes:

    I've got so used to the game, that I find it easier and faster to use the keyboard controls

    If it helps, the keyboard commands are:

    S Shoot (Bow & arrow)
    C Cast a spell (Diamond surrounded by dots)
    R Rest (Tent with ZZ's)
    B Bash (Boot - kick down doors etc.)
    D Dismiss (Shield with X - return a character to the Inn)
    V View quests and notes (Unrolled scroll)
    M Automap (Stylised map - only operates if at least 1 character has the Cartography skill)
    I Information (Hourglass - time, date, active spells)
    Q Quick reference (Party summary sheet)
    Tab Control panel (access to save, load, quit, and game options)
    Arrow keys to move. Taking the Number Lock off and using the arrows on the keypad gives you extra options.
    F1 to F8 select different characters

    Combat options
    F Quick fight (Crossed swords - automatic fight using whatever combat options are set for each character)
    O Set quick fight Options (Two upright swords - options are Attack, Cast, Block, or Run)
    C Cast (as above)
    A Attack (Man pierced by sword - shoots at range, otherwise attacks with whatever weapon is equipped)
    U Use (Phial of liquid - allows character to change equipment or use an item's special properties)
    R Run (Man running - try and escape to safe location)
    B Block (Man with shield - attempts to block next attack)

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